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Ciconia Project in brief

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The main objectives of the Ciconia project is to ensure and promote artistic mobility in the South Baltic, SB, area. With focus on performing arts groups, such as theatres, dance groups and orchestras. This will be done by:

  • networking and exchange of know-how,
  • open up venues all over SB to performing art groups and thus make it possible for groups to have access to more venues and be able to make more effiecient tours.

Working methods in Ciconia will be networking, experience exchange, creation of a number of products that will make it easier to facilitate international touring in the SB-area.

"Ciconia" means storch in latin, and the name is used for the project because the storch is a bird that flies over the countries, spreading joy wherever it comes, it is a bringer of good news and a symbol of creativity.

We want with the project is to spread joy wherever it comes, it is a bringer of good news and a symbol of creativity. What we want with the project is to help performing arts groups to become like the storch - to travel between the countries, spreading joy.

The main identified problems is a lack of transparency, that means that different artists and groups do not have proper access to venues and audiences in their countries. The artistic mobility within the region is therefore very low and inefficient.

The projects partnership consists of five partners from Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Poland. The project reaches far beyond this partnership. In order to get more know-how and experience into the partnership, and to reach inhabitants in a broader geographical area, twelve Associated Organisations (AOs), join the project. These will be actively involved in the project taking part in project activities. Some of the AOs are small organisations that have difficulties to be partners in this kind of a project, but are enthusiastic about the possibilities for the cooperation that Ciconia offers.

Participants from the Ciconia network (partners and AOs with a possibility for including other organisations) will have physical Network Meetings which be hosted by the partners participating in the project.

In connection to the Network Meetings there will be activities such as study visits and watching performances. One of the aims of the project is to create a comprehensive ”SB Performing Art Map”. A map which includes performing art groups, performing arts festivals, venus and organisers of performing art.

The map will be available as a printable document, as well as an interactive map on Ciconia projects website. On the website connected to the map, there will exist a database containing contact information and other essential information. The project will also create a handbook suitable for producers and organisers of performing arts. The handbook will include guidelines for organising international tours and useful information.