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The Ciconia Project ...

The Ciconia Project is now entering a crucial phase during which the artists, representatives of ensembles, performing arts groups, venues, concert halls and all institutions, organizations related to the performing arts are invited to be a part of the South Baltic Performing Arts map.

The South Baltic Performing Arts Map gives Performing Arts groups the oppurtunity to present themselves on the international arena and to find exciting projects, international project partners and interesting collaborations.

Ciconia is a unique project that in the is dedicated to give space and the possibility for international co-operation in the field of Performing Arts.

The idea behind this initiative is to support the internationalization of activities and artistic mobility in the countries of the Southern Baltic area. Encouraging international co-operation will be carried out through the exchange of experience, sharing of know - how and networking during a series of networking meetings.

The Ciconia Project partners is: Regionteatern Blekinge Kronoberg (Sweden), CUBUS - Culture.Business.Science (Germany), Elbląg Chamber Orchestra (Poland), Media Dizajn (Poland), Danish Centerfor Performing Arts (Denmark), Schloss Bröllin (Germany) and Cantabile 2 (Denmark). They will all provide assistance if you would be interested in establishing contacts on the possibility of performing in Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Poland.

For more information concerning Ciconia and the possibility of taking part in it, to be a part of the South Baltic Performing Arts Map, please visit our website: or contact directly a Ciconia-partner in your country.

Ciconia Network - Feel invited :)