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New cooperation in CICONIA

The CICONIA-Project is going to work in a new close cooperation with the culture association KARO gAG, a non-profit stock company. The association name KARO means Culture Shares for Rostock.

Four cultural associations from the city of Rostock founded this stock company in 2009. Those were the art school of Rostock, the media art school called institute of new media, the art cinema Li.Wu. and the local citizen radio called Lohro. These four cultural institutions are shareholders of cooperation, which organize several cultural and educational activities.

Together they had bought a former GDR school building in style of the block flat houses for reconstruction and installation of a modern art and media center of culture. This media art center is called FRIEDA 23, named after the street name Friedrichstraße 23, the address of this school building. The trademark FRIEDA 23 may be established in local and regional cultural contexts.

With the stock company, the institutions want to go public and ask for support from the citizens of Rostock for the reconstruction project and the installation of the art and media school. This model has proven to be successful in the past. The association KARO gAG is now the owner of this school building and is going to build several performance places and a new cinema hall there.

More information may be found here:ützig/413914715286752?fref=ts

KARO AG (gemeinnützig)
Die KARO gAG entstand aus der Zusammenarbeit der Kunstschule Rostock, des Instituts für neue Medien, des Lichtspieltheater Wundervoll und des Lokalradio LOHRO.