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image networkThe Ciconia Project started in January 2013 with five partners and twelve associated organisations (AOs).

In connection to the Networking activities there will be also created a comprehensive ”SB Performing Arts Map”. A map which includes performing art groups, performing arts festivals, venus and organisers of performing art etc.

”SB Performing Art Map” continues to create so we invite everyone to take part in a Cionia Project and contact with Partner from selected country to appear on the “SB Performing Art Map”.

Specially we invite to take part in a Cionia Netowrk: performing art groups, organisers of performing arts festivals, owners of venus and organisers of performing art, everyone involved in performing arts.

To find out more details about locations of participants in ”SB Performing Art Map”  please click here or choose locations in main menu.

How to add Organisation to ”SB Performing Art Map”:

  • Contact Ciconia Project Partner (eg. in your country)
  • Send details like: name of Orgnisation, address, additional information to Project Partner
  • Project Partner will add you to:
    • Ciconia Project website in “location” section (map and list)
    • Ciconia Network (Organisation will appear in Ciconia Project materials)